First Time Leaser - Looking For Most Economical CUV/SUV Deal

Hi All,

I am looking for recommendations for a CUV or small SUV to lease in the NYC metro area. I am not too concerned with features or brand name, but much more concerned with price. This would just be a commuter car for my wife. I noticed there are good deals to be had on a Mazda CX-30, but just curious as to what the expert hackers would suggest would be the “ultimate hack” and best price for a car in this class.


Frank, what’s your target budget, and term/miles needed?

Rogue, CX-3 are probably things you want to look at, check the market place and reach out to the brokers for those.

Grab a 2019 Mazda CX-3 if they are still available

Reach out to @nyclife, I believe he does Mazda’s too

Hyundai Tucson is another good one