First time lease - wondering how I did?

First off, thanks for all the great information here! If nothing else it gave me confidence in asking some questions in my first lease.

Any feedback on how this lease sounds is appreciated! (Sorry if number provided are not the relevant to answering my question):

Car: 2016 Kia Optima Hybrid
Term: 36 months

“Cash price of vehicle”: $ 27,218.00
Adjusted Capitalized cost: $ 22,885.62
Residual Value : $ 14,107.10
Net trade in: (02 Camry) $ 300.00
Amount paid in cash up front $ 750.00
Payment (taxes incl) $ 276.13

Location: South Florida (broward county)

Thanks again to all for information! I just wanted to Alger feedback for future reference in anything that could’ve been improved upon.

Looks like a solid lease. In general, a payment of $100 per $10,000 MSRP of car is considered a good deal.

The trade-in looks really low, though. Was there a reason you went with a trade-in rather than selling it to a private party?

Thanks for the reply. Well it was an '02 Camry wig 170k miles which was smoking last weekend and needs to be towed for trade in. This is my first time doing the whole negotiating process and I just learned today from mechanic he could’ve looked for private buyer even for me.

To be honest I was so frustrated at the time I never considered the private party thing. Lesson learned for next time!

Thanks again!