First Sightings (for me)

I’ll wait til the $700 fire sale :rofl:


I Like Swimsuit GIF by MOODMAN

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Tried to take a pic today of my rear view mirror while driving stop and go and unfortunately it came out blurry so… just using words
But heard a sounds of sports car coming from behind and looked around and didn’t see one.
Looked in all my mirrors and didn’t see but clearly hear it somewhere next to me.
Turns out it was Diablo behind my Leaf and I didn’t even see it too in my central rear view mirror. Only the car after it and it was like a gap between us.
Then I noticed in my passenger side rear view mirror the massive rear wheel of Diablo.

I’ve seen them before but never in that perspective from my tiny Leaf sedan mirror that it’s that low…

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Oh, that color just does not help…

Not a first sighting, but I saw a totally blacked out Genesis G90 tonight, and it looked quite good. The tailights have some “depth” to them, and the integrated door handles gave a nearly seamless appearance to the whole thing that gave it a concept-car, retro-futuristic cool. Kind of Darth Vader-y.