First Post--Negotiating payment for 2015 BMW 320i

This is a pretty cool site.

I’ve been negotiating on a 2015 320i BMW with the following included:

Navigation System w/Touchpad ($2,150)
BMW Online & BMW AppsAdvanced Real-Time Traffic InformationRemote ServicesInstrument Cluster w/Extended Contents
Driver Assistance Package ($950)

Here are the numbers:
MSRP: 40,965
Selling Price: 31,377
Govt Charges (CA): 340.95
Acquisition Fee: 925.00
MSD Security Deposit: 2400
Down Payment: 1500
Gross Capitalized Cost: 32,326
Residual Value: 21,711
Cash Cap Reduction: 3,500
Net Cap Cost: 32,326
Amount Paid by Customer:3600 (should include down payment of 1500 as dealer discussed as well as the multiple security deposits but math seems kind of off)
Monthly Payment: $337.93
Money Factor: 0.00172 (has become high since Jan 4th.)

The above are estimates for a 10,000 mile lease/36 months which will definitely not suite my driving needs. If I were to change the terms to a 15,000 mile lease then monthly payment would be $374.72 if multiple max security deposits (MSDs) are used at 2800$. Obviously residual will lower as well. The excess mileage terms are garbage. First the dealer told me it would be .16 cents a mile into the lease to purchase additional mileage if we felt this was going to be a problem. Later she ‘found out’’ that BMWFS new lease terms changed as of Jan 04 and would now be .23 cents midterm and .25 cents at lease end for any extra miles. The lowest minimal drive off is ‘1500.00’ she is saying.

The dealer is claiming this is an outstanding deal that she’s never seen. I’m starting to feel skeptical, after feeling quite excited earlier as I think about the inflated MF. Dealer says that this is because the car is already taking a huge loss in the selling price of 31.3K which the dealer purchased for 38.8K.

My other options are to pick a model without the navigation package (not that crazy about it either) , but on an uglier trim color , which would have the rear view camera with a selling price of 29,720 have a lower monthly payment by X amount (going to sleep now tired to do the math)

Then once I start thinking about the 328, my mind starts spinning out…I hate buying cars but folks like you make it easier.

Appreciate anyone 's help!

Deals aren’t as good in January as they were in December, but you could likely do better if you wanted. The discount is to be expected since this is a leftover 2015 model. The MF for January is .00132. I would insist on no MF mark up and tell the dealer you have excellent credit (if true).

Going from 10K to 15K per year will lower the residual by 3%.

Hi Michael, Thanks for your help again.

-She’s willing to bring down to the .00132 MF. Does this significantly improve the deal? Or should I just shop around more? Most dealers haven’t replied me when I submitted this latest offer.