First Leasehacking Deal for Volt LT Comfort + Leather

Was wondering if you guys can give me some confidence in these numbers. Is this a good deal?

True Car price $29869

2017 Volt LT + Comfort Package + Leather
36 month termdown = $0
MSRP = $35455
Sales price = 30955 (with $4500) off
15k/year = 48% residual
MF = .0004
Acquisition fee = $595
Lease cash = $6,860 lease cash + first month’s payment credit + $500 Conquest

Not sure what other fees they would add.

What price are they saying that comes out to? Looks like $216 + tax per month with TTL due at signing. Seems like a solid deal!

Little confused on this contract. Is the cap cost reduction same as out the door (first months + license + acqua fee?)

Do they normally charge cap cost? my upfront charges are 1,137 and customer cash is 1150. They’re not charging anything additional?

Thanks guys!

Gross cap cost is the final price that is going to be used for the lease. It includes dealer discounts from MSRP, rebates, and cash down payments.

Cap cost reduction is an upfront down payment to lower your monthly cost.

If you post a picture of what you’re looking at, we can help more.

Looks solid, but need the final numbers!

Here’s the sheet I worked with. Just signed iffy since I’m going in this purely on this forum. Thanks guys!

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Thats the right deal. You paid a little upfront and brought down the payment. Basically the difference in cost of the leather & comfort package after it gets residualized.

Life is a good, have a new car!


So the difference is the upfront charge and due on delivery ? 1150-1137? So I paid like… $13 down first months payment acquisition fee and licensing. Isn’t that technically 0down plus I get the 1500 rebate?

So your overall, $0 down equivalent payment is about $267. When taking into consideration you are doing a 15k mile lease (about $33 more per month than a 10k mile lease we often see quoted), and you are getting nothing but a $500 loyalty incentive, and it’s a $35.5k unit (not barebones 34k model), that 's a really awesome deal! May be the largest dealer discount I’ve ever seen on an LT.

Only way to really improve it is if you were eligible for farm bureau, or of you got a $1k private offer (to replace the $500 loyalty). Otherwise, sign it and get in your new Volt!

Thanks bro brought that some confidence. I signed yesterday. The price is 1 k off of true cat and no one from norcal could match the dealer discount.

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Awesome deal, congrats!

It looks like your due at signing would have been 1137.03, but the dealer added all of those upfront charges into the cap cost and had you put 1150 as a cap reduction. Effectively paying your 1137.03 in drive-off fees, plus 12.97 extra towards cap cost reduction.

No idea why they would have done that, unless it was just to make it an easier number to deal with.

Congrats on your new lease , and thanks for sharing your numbers.
I’m newbie to lease, and trying to make sense from your worksheet , essentially you paid 1150 drive off (which included all DMV Reg/Tax and other charges) and per month $235.79 for 36 month lease , 15k miles ?

You got an awesome deal. Enjoy the new car. Which dealership was this?


they didn’t want to give me $4500 off msrp unless i paid first month. also chevy pays for first month anyways so it was essentially a down payment which i didn’t care for one way or another…


you are correct. Plus 1 months payment