First Lease - How to Improve Car Loan Limit? - Mercedes Benz GLE 350

Why I asked the question: my first LLC was not (2-member, taxed as a C-corp).

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you can do this, no doubt. It’s just usually the great appeal of LLC, most people who don’t want passthrough, go for C corp.

Partially true.

3 types of LLCs

  • 1 person LLCs (disregarded for taxes) - same as sole proprietorship for taxes

  • 2 or more people LLCs - default tax treatment Pass-Thru

  • 2 or more people LLCs - elected tax treatment of C Corp.

Regardless of the tax treatment it provides “limited liability” which is the purpose of the LLC designation, tax treatment is secondary.

People often confuse the tax treatment with the actual benefit of the designation.

People are attracted to LLCs as they’re easier to establish compared to C corporations.

I know, I do happen to have an LLC. If I wanted a non-passthrough entity, I’d go for C-corp.

But you can still have an LLC & have non-pass thru tax treatment

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Mercedes doesn’t do third party leases, period. No ifs ands or buts, doesn’t matter the dealer, you lease through MBFS or you dont lease.

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I also just realized OP has

  • No Auto History
  • Thin Credit History
  • Self Employed
  • Wants a $60K+ Car.

I wouldn’t even suggested US Bank, I don’t think they would touch this either.

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More like 80k. He upgraded to a GLE 53.


Possibly could help but consult with your broker about this. Also members and those in the industry have mentioned to look into financing if you must have a Mercedes. Best of luck!

No impact because it still goes off personal credit.


Maybe half down + Other banks will take it if that was the case. I really think finance is the way to do it because the GLE53 still goes off standard rate.

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OK thank you again for the help. One last question:

I may just buy the car outright to save interest, but I’m thinking a partial finance deal would help me get a lease in the future?

What would be a good amount to finance and a good amount to pay out of my pocket.

Could I just pay the portion that was a loan back straight away and still built auto credit history or would It be advised to just pay that part off monthly?

Ideally I’d want to be able to lease an expensive car without any issues within the next 2-3 years.

An auto finance trade line on your credit reports (the higher the payment the better) will be an asset on your credit report when future lease applications are considered.

If you can get a low interest rate, I’d string out the payments for 1-2 years so there are 12-24 payments reporting by the time you pay off the loan.

You can always prepay the bulk of it, leaving just enough balance so the regularly scheduled payments will drag out the payments for the intended duration, while minimizing financing charges to the most reasonable extent while thickening your credit file with auto loan activity.


Let’s say you finance 40K. The nest 3 years you will probably be allowed to lease 50-80K car. There is no set formula.

Keep the loan for 1-2 years

OK thanks. WIll try this. I was looking at Swap a Lease. Some nice Mercedes on there. Can I not just get a lease from someone for the car I want on there or would it still have to go through MBFS?

Mercedes no longer allows lease transfers, so swapalease isn’t an option.

You’ll find all the mbs on there are either brand new dealer offers for a lease or off lease used cars for sale.

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All Leases go through MBFS or if you were to be able to transfer one it will be with MBFS as well. But @mllcb42 is right. Currently MBFS is not doing lease transfers.

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Except for existing lessees residing in Connecticut IIRC.

Probably not helpful for anyone on the west but might help someone else.

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My momma says. If at first you don’t succeed….try and try again …… with something harder


OP I will cosign the lease for you and get you approved for G63 if you want. DM for details.

Hint…. It won’t be free

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