First Deal- 2019 BMW 330i Loaner $350/mo total

EDIT: Dealer is BMW of North Scottsdale
I dealt with John Splitek, Internet Sales Manager
He was fantastic throughout the whole process


Looks like you did great for the mileage. It’s about as good a deal as any broker could have gotten for you.

How about some pics?

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Solid Deal. In the market myself, mind sharing which dealer you worked with?

Thanks! I’ll be signing this tomorrow, so after then I’ll be more than happy to provide the dealer info and of course, pictures. The guy has been great to work with thus far.

I’m wondering if I should add a cherry on top OL code for the 3 year subscription…I’ll have to ask if they accept the code for loaners.

Edit: after reading up on it, looks like CCA code cannot be used on loaners. Can anyone confirm this?

It can be used on loaners
CCA is completely different than OL
OL code will take 500/1000 off the Sales Price depending on if the dealer contributes his part of the 500

CCA cannot be used on loaners and is a 3 year membership with bmw which yields a rebate on new cars

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Good first deal though.

Original post edited with dealer info.

Also as a side note, @BMW_Dave was able to beat this deal with an equivalent car for my brother. Thanks again Dave.