Finding the right dealers to work a deal with

Hey - OK so, I am running into an issue where I speak with Dealers when inquiring on Loaner/Demo vehicles and they tell me that they dont lease loaner/demos?

How do you go about finding dealers that will lease loaner/ demos?
Has anyone found specific dealership characteristics that are easier/ better to work a lease deal with? Larger dealerships? specific cities or parts of the country? etc?

A lot of time is going into finding dealers who will even offer a reasonable deal. So many dealerships out there that are throwing crazy numbers to start (Sales Price, Money Factor, No incentive, Dealer Addons, etc)…

Just want to refine and save some time!

Thank you all!

Is there a specific brand that you’re trying to lease a loaner/demo from?


Jeep, Audi, Volvo, Jaguar

There is no one size fits all cheat sheet to what you’re asking.

Your best bet is to make sure to do your homework on here first before contacting dealers. If you’re inquiring on a brand where you know loaners are lease-able (i.e. Volvo) and the sales rep says they can’t do a lease, politely ask them to check with their sales or finance manager, etc. If they still refuse then thank them and move on to the next dealer.

Same thing if the dealer comes back with a crazy quote, add-ons, and what not. You’ve done your homework so you know what the number should be. If they are not interested then thank them and move on.

Yes, this whole process can take a lot of time if youre doing it on your own, there’s no magic way around it (except for hiring a broker).

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You also need to narrow down your search.

Volvo definitely leases loaners that meet certain criteria. Audi also leases loaners under limited conditions, but their leasing programs are nowhere near as good unless you find a model with a 5-figure marking allowance.