Financing Tesla

Getting Tesla MYP this month. Looking for CU with low rates. Is DCU still an option for under 1.5%. Any other ideas?
Thank you in advance

DCU just went up to 1.99%

It says .25 discount for energy efficient and .50 discount for checking and direct deposit. I think I need Referal though. Can anyone assist

Most of us have just been choosing the “family” option for eligibility and not once has DCU actually checked or confirmed a relationship with another member.


Good to know thank you. I just don’t want them to Rerate mid loan lol
Do you really need constant direct deposit and 5 transactions a month?

Ooh nice, good catch. I’m looking at a CPO panamera and that 0.5 discount will come in handy.

1.99% is with .5 checking and deposit discount. The .25% energy efficient discount means you’d be at 2.24% without checking/direct deposit.

Published rate includes a 0.50% discount given when you maintain electronic payments and Plus or Relationship benefits on your DCU checking account.

I just financed my off lease purchase through DCU. This is the contract language re: the 0.5% credit.

DCU raised their rates this past Saturday. If you submitted an application before 3/19, they will honor the old rate.

:point_up_2: is the latest.

Lowest rate now with all the discounts land you at 1.74%. Still pretty decent. I think PenFed is at 1.99%.

Edit: here you go

Worthy contender is NWFCU at 1.99% for up to 72 months, but they require 80% LTV for MY 22

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