Finally Mercedes Benz answer to the i8 and it’s off the scales

No engine or steering wheel. Vision AVTR Concept. text

Can you imagine the cost of replacing tires and brakes on that thing for a 36mos lease :scream:

Don’t really understand why MB would spend monies on creating CGI concept cars which will have little in common with a real car when brought to market.

Yeah how dare a company try to do something exciting and different for the sake of doing it rather than generating profit for their shareholders…

Also I really dig the pun in the title.

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Almost all companies are in business to generate profits, for themselves and shareholders, and I don’t see this as generating any profits for MB. Hollywood and movie studios already does fantasy for the public sake, and generate their profits while doing it.

I don’t look to manufacturers to create fantasy content for me, I look for them to provide new technologies that make the user experience better.

It’s generating good press and getting eyeballs at CES. I think that’s enough of a payoff for it to be worth it to Mercedes. It’s fine to think of the big picture (~50 years down the road) because it gives them something to strive for.