Finally DOT approves new headlights

It’s about damn time


No more 5AP? :zap:


How long for Tesla to push update?

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They’ll probably push an update by the end of the day, but it won’t actually steer the headlights around vehicles for better visibility, but instead project a poop emoji on the bumper of the car in front of you.


LOL! they don’t have “active” headlight so projector does not move. What they have is matrix LED cells which they can turn on/off individually.

This is good. Maybe they’ll also get rid of Amber side markers in the US too.


Hey @Samaudibh any idea when Audi will push an update for the Etron sportback headlights? I know MENA and EU has had them active since the start and US spec cars have the hardware.

Nothing has been discussed yet

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I know you are busy with school, but read the article. An Audi spokesperson said they are examining current headlights to see if they can be approved.

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Just drive a loaner for a few days and you’ll feel amazing with your non-coded matrix LED headlights. :stuck_out_tongue:

50ft of visibility difference is huge

Awesome news! I was fully expecting this approval to take the full ~2 years they were given originally. Hopefully we’ll start seeing this on '23 models.

Headline Spoiler alert: Audi finds current adaptive lights that people paid for are not up to standards. Recommends people buy brand new cars and pay for the lights again to get the new feature.

I have a BMW M3 on order with laser lights. I hope they are able to make an update before delivery so I can take full advantage of the technology. If not, I am sure it will be pretty easy after the fact since coders can already do it now.

I’m hoping next they’ll tackle those pointy nubs that are supposed to keep the floormat from sliding out of place.