Final Month for MY2018 Ally Leasing Programs (Alfa Romeo)



In case anyone didn’t know this month is the final month there will be leasing programs on 2018 models from Ally. Ally is Alfa Romeos leasing bank so potential for some unicorn deals considering the fact that the cars won’t move if they cannot be leased. Now lets see if someone can finally get a halfway decent Quadrifoglio lease :thinking:


Is Chrysler Capital the captive for Alfa Romeo? Ally is a 3rd party bank.


Might vary from dealership to dealership. I got this info from a friend in sales at Alfa Romeo Anaheim Hills and he said it’s only Ally. Maybe Chysler Capital 2018 leasing programs have already ended?


That is probably the case. If CC ended support for MY2018 already, then Ally might be the only one with support still.


The cars aren’t moving and many dealers are being stubborn.

good luck on hunting down the unicorns!


I understand why they are being stubborn, they are all losing a ton of money. Alfa Romeo Orange County just closed their doors and rumors are Alfa Romeo Ontario is next.


Wow I had no idea there was an Alfa Romeo California.

Never heard of Alfa Romeo Orange County either, I leased mine from Costa Mesa Alfa Romeo


Costa Mesa is Orange County. They’re done and Ontario is closing their doors soon. I guess Alfa Romeo just isn’t a profitable franchise. #rip :no_entry_sign:



Went to work a deal for my own personal car (currently shopping around as I’m car-less atm). Most the dealer would do was 5,400 discount and 4,500 rebates. Needless to say I walked, can’t hack them all I guess :confused:


go get yourself one of those cheap bmw 330e loaner right now for 24 months


Eh, it leases well but I just got out of a BMW and not very fond of the brand overall. I’m most likely going to flip a 2014 E63 AMG (I have a retail dealers license on the side) and hunt down a true unicorn of a lease in the meantime.