Final Deal Sheet Review: 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio, $52k, 36/12k

Looking for feedback on this deal. Full details in the calculator. I couldn’t get it to match exactly, but it’s close.

2020 Stelvio Ti
MSRP: $52,045

The $1495 Dealer fee is a little fluff, but also includes them shipping me the car (~$800-1000).

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Any opinions? :slight_smile:

Seems pretty good! What region are you in?

In the Midwest, but buying/shipping from Texas.

Here is the final deal sheet for the 2020 Stelvio I am looking at leasing for 36/12k. I have a leased 2018 Stelvio that I am trading in. They increased the value of the trade vs. lowering discount off MSRP. Does anything look off? Thanks for the help!

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Good deal. I would take it since its always a give and take when trading in. I think this is fair for all sides.


Thoughts on the Rent Charge? Does that calculate out to the 0.00016 MF?

Why not try to find it closer? Like that guy Justin Sutton in Erie, PA

TX is actually closer for me than PA. I was unsuccessful locally at beating this deal even with the shipping charges. Regarding Justin, he’s fantastic. Almost leased my 2018 from him, but this dealership beat his price and so I used them in 2018 and again in 2020.

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Deal signed. Thanks for the input. LaVaughn at the dealership is great if you need help:

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If it’s through Chrysler Capital the MF’s are literally zero. On my most recent GC purchase, I believe my total rent charge over 42 months was $50. It may sound crazy, but this one could’ve been marked up a little!

This is through Ally.

That makes more sense. MF likely wasn’t marked up then.

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