Fico score Hyundai Genesis

Tried to buy a Hyundai Genesis and the dealer said my FICO Score of 690 was fine. Then they said my
my second score need to be 640 and was 622. What! I am not sure what they mean. I have lease several cars and have never heard of this. I even offer $6000.00 down to see if it would off set, no deal. I just lease a Mazda for my daughter and was there top tier. Is what they are saying true. Help!!

Hyundai tiers their leases. 690 Trans union will get you in tier 4 but tier 1 to 3 is same money factor.

They should be able to get you done. With tier 1 to 3 all they need to do is ask for a bump from Hyundai.

I work for a Hyundai dealer in NJ if you need help

Thank for you help they turn down flat. Any suggestion?

I’m in Utah a little far from new NJ.

My best score is Experian that is what is used out here mainly.

Does Hyundai have a one pay option I thought they did?.

do you have any 16 left

I would go and insist on them calling it in. They should have no issues I have done much worse deals then that with a phone call. If they don’t want to call a different dealer.

There are still 16 out there but there is not a big difference in Rv and MF on both.