Fiat 500x Easy, how does this sound?

I’m in New Jersey and I have a deal on the table for a 2016 Fiat 500x Easy, 36 months, 12k a year with 1900 down to cover first month’s payment, tax, all fees and a little bit of cap cost reduction too. MSRP of 22,200 with 8000 dollars in incentives brings the selling price down to 14,200. 54% residual of 12,528. High money factor of 0.00283 but that gets me some of the incentives. It puts me at 106 a month, gap insurance included. How does this sound?

Sounds good to me. Nothing down = $158.78 per month, so looks good there.

What are the $8,000 in incentives?

$1,000 TrueCar TDM

$2,500 Mid-Atlantic BC 2016 IDL Bonus Cash

$2,000 FIAT Dealer Cash Coupon

$1,000 2016 FIAT Conquest Lease to Retail/Leas

$1,500 Mid-Atlantic FIAT 2016 Bonus Cash

Wow - fantastic incentives!

I’m only seeing $1,000 for the Pacific and an additional $500.
How did you get the other incentives?

What’s the Truecar TDM?

One of them for 1000 is Conquest since I currently lease another car. The TrueCar is a direct mailer rebate from the dealership through, and another 2000 in coupons from the dealership. I’m not sure of the other ones, but that’s what I was quoted.

I guess my question is this: Can anyone tell me a reason NOT to head over and seal the deal tonight?

Other than crappy MPG (which is beside the point) that is a terrific deal.

Exactly. The Corolla would save me 600 in fuel over 3 years, but the best deal I could find on an LE was about 149 with the same 1900 down. It’s Still over 900 dollars cheaper including the fuel costs.

Well I was asking for a reason to not do the Fiat, and out of left field my dad made me a Godfather offer. He really wants me to use his approximately 1000 dollars worth of GM reward points, and he really thinks that a Malibu suits my needs better. He’s not entirely wrong, but I didn’t think I could swing it with my budget. If I go with a Malibu though, he’s offered to pay 100 a month of the lease for me. The question now is, what’s the best deal I can get on a Malibu LT with the 8.0" MyLink display?

I tried to replicated something like this but failed.
Contacted Fiat dealership in Danbury CT.
I was told up to $8k of rebates slanted for selling the car and not for leasing.
Plus, the fact that I own my current car there are no competitive rebates available.

Some of the incentives were because the lease is going through Ally, not Chrysler. I could have gotten a lower money factor and/or one pay option, but I would have lost some incentives. I was going through a big Auto mall that deals with like 7 different makes and a bunch of banks, so I guess that’s how they made it happen.

Yup, you have the option of either Chrysler Capital or Ally.

The MF is generally much higher on Ally leases, but the incentives are much greater.

Any current lease offer on Fiat 500x ?