Feedback on my deal: 2020 GMC SIERRA 1500 Crew Cab Short Box 2-Wheel Drive Denali

MSRP: 56,890
Negotiated price: 53780
Residual: 35271.80
Money factor: .00057
Lease: 39/10
Lease payment: $0 Down/576 month or 949 down/550 month
ZIP: 32828

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No feedback??

It looks like you’re new here—welcome. Most trusted hackers refrain from responding to posts like this because there’s not enough info provided to help determine the strength of the deal. I can help but need to know the following:

  1. Is the MF they provided you the base MF as confirmed by edmunds?
  2. What rebates do you qualify for or are available in your region. Ask on Edmunds.
  3. Need a breakdown of the saving line…does this 5k include rebates or other dealer incentives? If so, your ~10% discount is actually lower than that.
  4. Breakdown of all fees to determine if there are any add-ons
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Thanks for responding, Yeah i am new to this, and want to make sure with such a large purchase I’m not getting screwed over. I have to note the Truck is not actually on the lot yet, and is still in transit, should be here within the week is what they are saying

  1. The MF was confirmed by edmonds as .00057.
  2. I asked Edmunds about incentives and they said there are none, is that the same thing as rebates?
  3. I am not sure, I will ask
  4. Fees are 699 Doc fee, and 952 assuming dealer fee

Once you do that, try plugging your numbers into the calculator and see what you come back with as your payment…assuming no incentives, it does not look bad, but I’m also not a truck guy

I’d definitely reach out to other dealers to see what their pre incentive discount is. You might be able to squeeze some more out of someone. Ask for a breakdown of those non taxable fees too. Do you have an existing lease in the household? There appears to be a $1,500 loyalty/conquest incentive if you qualify. Check for eligibility for supplier/first responder/military/etc as well. I’d compare the 36 and 39 month residuals, it doesn’t really seem beneficial to save a few bucks a month extending yourself out of warranty and three additional payments too.

So they said there was a 1500 dollar lease loyalty credit and the rest 3500 is from the dealership.

Here is my lease calculator. Did I do this right? Why is there such a discrepancy between my monthly payment in the lease calculator and what they quoted me?

I think you’re double counting the 3500. It already in their selling price.

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I think so to. This link is closer to what you got from them.

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Your exactly right, I put the 3500 in the wrong spot. Thanks for fixing it.

So what do you think about this deal?

If they are including the $1,500 loyalty rebate in their discount then that doesn’t sound great.

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Check out other recent deals on the site but I would think at least 10% pre-incentive discount would be what you’re shooting for.

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Thanks. You guys have been really helpful I turned them down. Will let you know if they counter back

On this particular truck you should push for around 51,200 as your pre incentive selling price, or $49,700 including the loyalty incentive. You might need a supplier code to get there, check if your employer or any other affiliations will get you that. And definitely get the 36 month residual and money factor, looking at that deal sheet I suspect that they are the same. Keep an eye on Cargurus, etc and see if you can find a dealer with something similar that will discount more, possibly with less outrageous dealer fees. I know Florida is a tough market for that kind of stuff.

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I cant thank you guys enough for your help. I went back to them about incentives and MSRP and they lowred the price to 51433. Which took my lease down to 509 with zero down for 39/10. I saved almost 70 dollars a month because of these forums! which is about 2.5k for the duration of the lease.

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Nice work. Ask Edmunds for the 36 month residual. As electric stated above don’t go 39 just to save a couple bucks and be out of warranty.


its a 5 dollar difference. I just changed it now. Thanks for advice guys. 514 not bad. I didnt know how bad i was at negotiating leases until i got on these forums.


Congrats and great job. Glad we could help.


what dealership did you lease this truck from? i am in orlando.
if i can duplicate your deal i will be a happy man.