Feedback on deal 2019 E450 Coupe

Hey hackers,

Do you see flaws in this quote ? Thanks!

Yeah, that payment.

I’m assuming this vehicle isn’t going to be cheap to lease. Discount is weak and make sure you get base MF.

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They’re giving you a 5% discount amounting to a $1000/mo payment on a 73k car. Even without knowing any other details (like what MF they’re working with), I’d say this is a terrible deal.


The price analysis via shows a great price of $65,532. Since they list on cargurus, they should expect consumers who want a “great” price. How many dealers have you contacted?

Great feedback! No I have not contacted other dealers, yet. The base MF for this car is .00063 - which they are using (53%RV).

eeesh for that kind of payment, I think i’d just buy it if I had to have it.

(admittedly it’s a very pretty car, debadged it’d look just like the S-Class coupe)

Holy cow that payment is horrific. 1k+ a month for a non AMG…

I don’t know if I’d go THAT far. ;). But, yes, it’s a very nice design.

Yeah, that’s nothing short of absolutely brutal. Don’t take that deal or anything close to it.

:face_vomiting: $1K+ payment on a ~$74K Mercedes

10% is achievable I put my dad in an e450. That was also with no incentives on the table so you should be able to do better.

Okay thanks for your feedback!! It seems I have to work more on the selling price to get a good deal… I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

I don’t think anything will help that car lease good.

Maybe time…