Feedback - BMW 2019 430i Convertible Lease quote


I currently have a offer on a 430i convertible loaner with 4500 miles. What do you think of the current offer.

I thought the rebate was 2250, not sure why they are claiming it is 1750

MSRP - 61225

Discount - 12245 (20% off)

Rebate - 1750

Rebate - 250 CSP certificate

Star Guard - 599

Total Purchase - 47579

Doc Fee - 115

Residual 57%

MF - .00177

7 MSD being used

Drive Off is 925

Monthly payment of 552.86

Star Guard


apparently some security thing that they install on their cars

Tell them you’re not paying for it.

will try to negotiate that. Not sure if they are going to budge since I had to push to get 20%. They did not want to go above 18%

Confirm the rebate is correct but other than that looks pretty good.

If it were me I’d tell them to figure out a way to remove that junk and start the paperwork. I’m on my way over.