FCA $1000 bonus cash


Not sure if this is customary here but I got an email with a code for $1000 bonus cash. For a Jeep, Dodge Ram, fiat, or Chrysler. I’m not looming at any of these vehicles so if someone wants it… let me know! First come, first serve!

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Woah! Was just looking at the stelvio for my wife.
If you still have the code can you please send it over! Thanks!


It’s yours! Will message it to you!

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Thanks! Truly appreciate it

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Dealer told me it isn’t for lease - Type 1 or B sale only


These cash offers are for purchase only. I get them also. But read the fine print, maybe this one is different.




It’s purchase only despite that misleading fine print.


That’s too bad! Maybe someone will bite, ha!


This might work. The offers I get are from FCA, this one looks like through TrueCar

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Picture of an Alfa… but it’s for most FCA brands except Alfa

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Wow, if this does work on a lease and anyone else has one they aren’t using, I need one. Thanks!


Enh, I tried to use one of these in my Giulia deal and it was a no go. Leasing was excluded even though it mentioned it, unfortunately.


Well damn! I’m just trying to pass on some good Will and these dealerships are ruining it for me! Haha

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