Favorite source for reviews?

What’s your favorite place to go to research and read up on cars? Does anyone do relatively unbiased reviews?

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Doug DeMuro and the Straight Pipes. Savagegeese too.

THIS… might be a controversial opinion!



I like throttle house. They’re biased and I’m not a car guy. But fun to watch.

Also raitis rides is good and detailed.


Matt Watson/ CarWow, Doug Demuro, and to a lesser extend Rob Ferretti. I used to really like Vehicle Virgins and Salomondrin, but they have both fallen off pretty drastically.

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I like usnews cars section. They review all the reviews so you don’t have to. Basically they sum up what all the different reviewers have said.


I read the usual mags but after watching/listening to many podcasts/YT shows I’ve seen quite a few personalities and personal biases revealed… there’s one guy in particular who’s made a career of writing for the big mags and his actual taste in cars is… let’s just politely say the opposite of mine.

I prefer panels or multiple POV rather than a review by one person. Autoweek does that quite frequently. Long term reviews from most mags are also multi POV.

Among podcasts or YT channels:

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports
Window Shopping with Car & Driver
Probably forgetting somebody

Don’t get Demuro’s appeal at all. His short-lived panel show with some bloggers from apparently his mom’s basement was actually good. His solo reviews OTOH… let’s just say the shtick wore off faster than Walmart tire shine.


I like all of the others mentioned and would also like to recommend Sofyan Bey at Redline Reviews.


Oh thank god someone said it about Demuro first.

Seconding the straight pipes. Can’t beat launch control !

Redline is pretty solid for the in depth technical stuff as well.

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Agreed. I love the Autoblog (even though it’s the McDonalds of Auto news) long term reviews, where different editors drive and report, and at the end you get a summary post, and their luggage fit tests.

I’m least concerned about a particular new car’s smell, or exhaust note, or the gimmicks that make you fall in love on a test drive. How will the 35 other months of driving it be?


Y’all missing out on “thetopher “

I don’t trust Florida reviews cause the roads are too smooth down there.

Driving in NY is painful if your car has a lack of suspension hence people love their Lexus.

Povs give a better idea on driving position - road noise, confort level

The smoking tire with Matt Farah is also pretty good

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Thanks! I’ll check them out

Alex on Autos and Driven Car Reviews with Tom Voelk.


I used to watch Saabkyle04 years ago and then started to watch RedlineReviews when he came on the scene.

I currently watch:
Redline Reviews
Winding Road Magazine

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He is excellent with no BS. What I like about Alex is he isn’t trying to entertain or create some comedy show. He just gives straight concise useful info.

I’ll second this

Demuro is not one I’d trust for reviews, but I do enjoy skipping around his videos. The details he goes into on exterior and interior stuff is often glossed over or missed by most others, and can be quite interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever stuck around for the Doug score or the actual driving portion.

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Seconded. His TP trunk test is super useful and he is generally non-biased. Consumer Reports sucks because of their overwhelming bias towards Subaru and their belief that controls are always too complicated.

I consume too much automotive media.

For written content, I still like Car and Driver. They’re one of the OG enthusiast magazines.

A lot of the UK-based channels do quality reviews, like Mat Watson with carwow, and many employ good drivers that I trust for driving impressions – Henry Catchpole (Carfection), Steve Sutcliffe (Auto Express), and Chris Harris (Top Gear).

Out of Canada, I enjoy Straightpipes, followed by Throttle House. They’re not reviews per se, but they do share a lot of information about the vehicles they’re driving.

Tedward and TheTopher are great for calming POV drives. I think both came from Winding Road.

Autogefuhl is great if you just want a close visual of every aspect of the vehicle (e.g., the materials used).

Jason Cammisa, currently with Hagerty, is great. Tells great stories, explains things well, and lately, great production value. It’s more entertainment than reviews at this point.

I enjoy Savagegeese, Edmunds, CR Talking Cars, Smoking Tire (Matt Farah), and Tom Voelk, too.


Matt Watson/Carwow is my favorite as reviews are detailed enough but not too long to make them boring. I used to watch Doug Demuro quite a lot but for some reason tone of his voice started to become somewhat annoying lately.

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