Factory ordered Wagoneer get damaged in transit, what should I do?

Market is not that market anymore to sell Wagoneer over the sticker.


Transportation damage happens all the time and is more common than you think. It could be anything from a minor scratch to a whole body panel that needs to be replaced. I would find out exactly what is being done to the door. A small scratch being repaired isn’t something I would be concerned about and should not show up on any reports such as CarFax. Once damage goes over a certain amount (usually a few thousand dollars), then there is usually a damage disclosure. You can also open a case with FCA to see if they will give you some type of goodwill rebate for the damage and subsequent wait.

My BMW M4 was damaged at the port and I had no clue until it came off the truck. It came off the truck with one of the rims and/or tires replaced since there was tire lube on just that rim and some small scratches around the wheel well. A paint correction took care of the small scratches and you would never know.


Back when I sold cars we had a customer that bought a VW euro van camper, had it in the service dept and the techs were like, uh do you know that this vehicle has had major repairs? Come to find out that it had been damaged in the port and repaired and never disclosed. VW bought it back no questions asked.

Thanks for great explanation, explains a lot. Right now i have no information where is the car and who will repair the car ? Dealership or factory or transportation company ? Where is the best department at fca to reach out about good willing incentive ant etc. i will research a bit to see what i can find

I don’t know who you can reach out to since I have never worked for FCA. Maybe try their general helpline and escalate from there. Your dealer can also make a big deal with their regional rep as well to try and get something.

Usually, there is a facility at the port that does repairs, recalls, and anything else needed before it is released to the dealer.

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This what they told me today.

Happened to one of my TRXs during transport. The damage happened after it was released from the factory, so the carrier did it. Some of the plastic bits on the grill needed replaced along with a few dents pulled and paint correction. I wasn’t worried about it since it was minor, my discount was already solid and I wasn’t keeping it.

As someone else said, if it’s a lease I wouldn’t think twice. If it’s a keeper, I’d first confirm nothing will show up on carfax. If carfax is reported I wouldn’t take it. If no report push for as much additional discount as you can from stelantis.

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It’s lease but i might buy at the end. I also hve a decent discount from dealership, but if it’s possible to get more from Stellantis why not. I will try as soon as i have more information how big is the damage. I will reach out to dealership this week again.

Is this from ALN? Ordered a GW at the same day with same discount, and it has been shipped a month ago but no idea where it is now and the estimated delivery date became TBD again, your story kind of got me worried…

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Yes from them, they are not following up at all. I’m talking to the dealership myself.

yep, same experience, I’m also talking to the dealer as well, but I guess at this point, the broker couldn’t do anything to help.

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So far we have no update, hope somebody will pay for this damage. Totally headache.

Any news Tony ?