Factory ordered Wagoneer get damaged in transit, what should I do?

Ordered Wagoneer in October. They built the car in January and shipped in 01/23 since then didn’t get update. After couple attempts finally reached out the dealer that i need a solid answer. They rached out their Stellantis rep and answer is car got damage in transit. What are my options ? What to expect ? How long it will take them repair ? Lot of questions, no answers.
What would you do ?

Very awkward situation here


I would tell them to keep it.


Ask for a new one. You paid for a new car, not a damaged car, unless they give you a fat discount,maybe consider it then


Who is the dealer and what is your build? We have one on the way to Chapman that we don’t intend to take possession of. I’d have to pull up the build sheet but it was something like $74k.

Tell them to keep it or give you a massive discount for diminished value, which they won’t do, soon as with any American car you’ll be able to pick from 30 of them on the lot…


Do you plan to lease it? If yes, consider proceeding with an additional discount to knock payment down. If buying outright, you can have them order another or cancel the transaction. You’re not obligated to accept a MV with prior damage. A door doesn’t sound like much, depends exactly how it was damaged. I’d be suspect.

This was the car i built as i like. And waiting since October, even dealer didn’t receive it. Damaged on transit from factory to the dealership. I can’t wait again that long. I will try to reach Stellantis to see what they say.

It’s 90K build Series 3. And have a good discount since i ordered in advance.

Reason i posted this to see if somebody else had the same or similar sitiuation and what was the case & result.

They’ll say that rework up until landing at the dealer is an extension of the factory process. Whether you can get the local rep to step in with some goodwill $ to entice you to accept delivery is TBD. Damage exceeding certain % or $ amount vary by state and manufacturer. We used a threshold of 3% (non unibody damage) as to whether a car was sold as new. But certain states can be as low as $500 to preclude a manufacturer from selling as new without disclosure.

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Dealer is in Florida.

When did you order? I think we ordered TOO early (Aug 2), as we only got a 9% discount, and those are larger now, from what I’ve seen. You are in NJ but ordered from FL?

I just checked again. We’ve been “scheduled for production” since Jan 24 and still show TBD for building it. lol.

You can definitely get more than 9% off - watch the news - banks going under - dudes getting margin called like a mf

All the borrowing against the assets coming to a end - time to pay up lol


FCA dealer, I bet they sold it to someone else for more money, wouldn’t shock me in the least, oh and you’re in NJ and it’s FL, they definitely sold it for over sticker to someone else.

BINGO. Florida dealer aka sharks. That car got sold to a higher bidder.

The tracker would have shown it already delivered if that happened. The dealer cant manipulate the tracker as some grand conspiracy because they sold a wagoneer that theyre already struggling to unload.


Happened to my brother. He didn’t take delivery as any inspection would have revealed paint work when he tried to sell.

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FCA systems shows car shipped and no update after that. If dealer sold it it’d appear on the system that car been delivered. They can’t sell the car that doesn’t exist in the lot.

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October 31st with 13% off.