Factory order questions - Mercedes C300 - BMW 320i

I have searched inventory at several dealers but was unable to find any vehicles configured with the options that I require. Basically I am looking for a C300 w/Premium1, Airmatic & Parktronic or a 320i with w/Premium, Driver Assist, Cold Weather & Nav. Unfortunately it appears that both automakers typically ship more stripped versions of their low-end models so as to bump consumers into a higher-priced model. Or they add numerous $$$$ cosmetic features that I don’t want. So I think it makes more sense for me to place a special order rather than to lease a stripped vehicle that won’t make me happy.

So here are my questions:

(1) If I do a factory order should I still target 15% off MSRP or is that unlikely since I am not buying a car off the lot?

(2) Does it still make sense to negotiate and place the order at the end of the month to get a better price? In other words, does the sale count towards monthly sales objectives when the car is ordered or when it is delivered?

(3) Following the advice here I would normally negotiate a $0 cap cost reduction but I expect that most dealers will want a deposit for a special order. How much is needed and is it reasonable to ask for the deposit to be credited towards the first month payment or security deposit?

Wish this forum existed when I leases my car 25 years ago, I am sure I left a lot of money on the table!

Look for a 328, you will be much happier with the car. You get a lot more car for just a little bit more money.
You also have a much better chance of finding what you want and it will still probably be cheaper than the benz.

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Is a 3-series with only these options really that hard to find? If you found something with a few more options and get a good deal, that might still be cheaper than ordering (invoice, i.e. 7-8% off MSRP)