F150 XLT -- Is this one Hackable?

A few weeks back, i test drove a Tundra and later that day an F150 XLT i saw with $7K reduction in price. Same 150 is now almost $13K reduction (it’s a loaner), would there be any more wiggle room in your expert opinions?


Need a dealer quote. Dealer online price is nearly meaningless.

The discount might include purchase incentives and thus won’t be the lease price

Got it – so basically just start the process as if this is what i wanted in the 1st place!

if monthly is your goal stick to the tundra, if you want a more updated truck (imo better) the f150 is your best bet, but you will pay significantly more.

When it comes to f150, silverado, sierra, or ram. You have to aim for 12-15% dealer discount + incentives. Most dealers won’t entertain the idea once you mention lease. Than you have to see if any of those brands have strong lease incentives for the month. You will still be higher payment than a Tundra. But the truck will be more updated. Also fuel mpg should be better than a Tundras 13 mpg…

honestly the big 3 trucks perform better than the tundra too from what I have observed and some tests. Toyota has captured their market tho, old and reliable.