F150 Hybrids power TX homes

A Ford publicist definitely didn’t plant this or anything


Reading this article earlier today got me thinking about the hybrid platinum Highlander I test drove a few weeks back. That cars outlet can put out up to 1500 watts. Wouldn’t run the AC but would be more than enough to keep fridge working in summer or gas furnace, TV and lights in winter.

I definitely wouldn’t make a decision based on that outlet but if I got it I might have an electrician wire the house so in event of outage I could use it.

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Had a tenant years back do this with a Lexus suv. Power was out so they hooked the essentials to the cars outlet and after two days use the year old suv was dead. Wiring harnesses got so hot they melted.

I’m sure these newer cars wired for electric have more protections but a whole home generator is $4500 installed.

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Now how did they explain to the dealer why the harnesses melted for Warranty? hehe

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No warranty they owned a Chinese restaurant and paid cash for everything. The vehicle was paid in full and a total loss. Insurance helped them some but not in full.

TFL was able to charge an i3 at max Level 2 speed (7.2 kW) with their F-150 Hybrid press car. Pretty impressive.


So fossil fuel still needed lol

Lets see I3 max is roughly 10 hours. 10 Hours of idling a F-150. wow
Wonder how they kept the engine running. Doesn’t hybrids turn it off?

Yeah, you need to keep it under the watt limit. That lexus probably put out 150 watts. Anything more than a lights and a laptop/cellphone charger exceed that. Sounds like they were using it for way more than that.

New cars are probably much better at turning off when the current exceeds the hardware capacity. But yeah you don’t want to do this 48 hours straight regardless. If I was gonna do this it would be for 30 minutes every 3 hours to keep the refrigerator cold or house heated.

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