F Type Base 2017?

I’m not stuck on Base (can’t afford R though), and I’d be willing to go 2018/2019, but 2017 base still has the v6 standard so I’m hoping to grab a lease on one.

Anyway, to the question - are there still good lease opportunities for this car? I saw a few threads where people were able to nab an F Type for ~$380 - $410/mo…

Lease support on MY2017 has been discontinued so you’ll have to grab a 2018. We haven’t seen any lease deals yet on them, though I’m sure all of us who have 2017s also haven’t really been looking.

Ah okay… at what point in the year would Jag be offering deals (ex. lease cash) for 2018’s?

Nobody has a crystal ball so nobody knows. What Jaguar does one year is not indicative of what they do the next

Nobody? @vhooloo 2020

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I walked right into that one I admit it :joy:

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Can’t wait for the 99 dollar E Pace predictions!

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