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Sam was just absolutely amazing! No one likes the car buying/leasing process, and Sam just made that dreadful process absolutely delightful. This is how it should be. He saved us a lot of time and stress, and was very communicative throughout the way. I texted him at 9am and had the car in hand at 6:30pm. I did not have to step into a dealership and did not have to speak to anyone at the dealer. Would highly highly recommend him!

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Thank you for the great feedback Ramin! Congratulations on the new car once again!!

Hi, longtime lurker here. Have never posted but just wanted to say that Sam is the absolute best. The entire process took 24 hours and he got me an absolutely amazing deal on my new q8 etron. There is no one else that anyone should go to when looking for a new car !

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I recently leased a vehicle through EZ auto group. I have purchased and leased at least a dozen of cars, and this experience with EZ auto group was by far the best, least stressful, easiest, and most pleasant car buying/leasing experience I have ever experienced. Sam was exceptionally professional and efficient, found me the best deal, and made the entire process so easy. After the purchase, he even followed up with me to make sure everything is going well. If you are looking for the best deal, stress-free, and exceptional service, I will absolutely recommend anyone to contact Sam at EZ auto group for any car purchasing, and I will be his customer forever.

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Thank you for the great feedback @Abdullah_Ahmad!! Congratulations on the new car once again! Enjoy in good health!

Thank you for the great feedback @Sean_K!! Enjoy the car in good health!! Congratulations once again!

I found Sam here on LeaseHackr. Having been around the block a few times with leases and purchases, I went with Sam because of the recommendations of others here on LeaseHackr. And they were all true. Straightforward, transparent and fast (words I thought I wouldn’t be writing about an auto broker). I told him what I wanted and my numbers - Sam worked hard to make it happen. I am very pleased with the process I went through with him and would highly recommend. Thanks to him I have a 2024 Audi Q8 E-tron that I am very much enjoying. But be ready to go! No tire kicking here. Don’t waste his time because he won’t waste yours!

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Thank you for the great feedback @Dan11!! Congratulations on the new car once again!

I very recently leased a Hyundai Ioniq 5 through the EZ Auto Group. I found their Marketplace posting regarding Hyundai cars and contacted Sam. I have leased one car previously and that was through doing research, checking LeaseHackr forums and calling various dealers in various counties. I must admit while that was “fun” and I ended up getting an adequate deal, it was time consuming and I did not quite have the time to do it now. Having Sam and the EZ Auto Group provide a deal on the car I was looking for was a blessing. He was awesome throughout the whole process! He kept me updated and made leasing a car so effortless. He answered all my questions and walked me through each step of the process. I was able to take delivery of the car in less than 10 minutes (after signing the paperwork and providing payment). Amazing experience! I can confidently recommend Sam and the EZ Auto Group for future leases. I look forward to leasing my next car from him when my lease expires.

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I recently worked witth Sam and he is straight to the point. He answers all the questions you have very quickly and provide some suggestions as well. Once you set with the pricing, it took 2-3 days to have the car delivered to my door. It was a great experience working with Sam and I am looking forward to do it again. Thanks Sam.

Thank you for the great feedback Alfred!! Congratulations on the new car!!!

Just got my new 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron with Sam’s help, and it was fantastic! Got an insane lease price, way better than I hoped! Sam made everything feel so easy and straightforward. Always there to answer my questions, and super transparent about everything. Plus, he’s a great guy to deal with - friendly and really cares about what you want. Need a car? I will definitely recommend Sam to you!

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Thank you for the great feedback Paul! Congrats once again! Enjoy the car in good health!

I was considering buying a Benz C300. So, I compared the terms offered by Sam with those of another dealership, and I went with the other dealership only because of the color preference. However, the price he offered was truly excellent and the process was fast, and straightforward!
If I ever need to lease a car again, I will definitely come back, and even if not, I’ll be sure to recommend him to others. Thank you for your exceptional assistance, Sam!

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Thank you for the great feedback! We will definitely get the next deal done together! Glad you guys were able to get a good deal!

Sam is quick, responsive and straightforward. Flew from Norcal to pick up BMW iX and everything was ready to go. Got in and got out with a new car in no time. I’m sure I will work with him again for the next lease.