Eye-Raisingly High Residuals

It seems to me that the key to mind blowing deals is a combination of unusually high residuals, a short (24 or even 12 month) lease term, and hearty dealer discount and/or incentives. Since residual is the least flexible of these items, I thought I’d ask the community of any known sky-high residuals being offered right now?

To get it started, I saw the '17 Chevrolet Colorado with a 24/10 residual % in the 80s (varying a bit by trim level and RWD/AWD, cab length, etc). I think credit goes to Senwia for this tip.

Any others on your radar?

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Cruze is 67% for 10k/24mo.

If your Japanese lease is up, anything Chevy seems to be amazing.

Your post title says MF, is that intentional? Very different meaning than a high residual.

It was a mistake- fixed!

2017 Subaru Forester XT Premium. The RV is 68% for 36 mo/10K. MF also not too shabby at .00070

2016.5 MAZDA CX-5 AWD Grand Touring leases EXCELLENTLY for 24 mo. this month. RV for 24/10 is 73% and MF .00040 AND $934 lease cash. This is the top trim grand touring MSRP $30,770. Get a nice discount off sale price and you can EASILY get this for roughly $280 including tax per month, about $800 due at signing.