Extra insurance to protect downpayment/car purchase price?


I know it’s not good to put down a signficiant downpayment for a lease in the event it gets totaled, but regardless, is there an insurance that goes further than GAP that would protect you for the entire cost of replacing your car so you can rebuy the same car without a loss, meaning totaling the car won’t erase your downpayments?

I came across something similar (and that a few insurance companies offer it) but completely forgot the name of it.

Even if it exists, it won’t come free. Why create a non-existent problem in the first place ?


Why not just not put down a down payment?


I’ve been waiting for 829 days for someone here to say this.

It’s called “agreed value” but is typically available from specialty collector car insurers.


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Some insurers have replacement cost riders.

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