Extending Honda Lease

Has anyone extended a Honda lease by 1-2 months? I have a lease ending this fall and wondering about extending the current lease by a month or so to wait till the 2018 model I am looking at of another brand is available.
Thanks for any info!

Yes, I’ve done this on 2 diff Honda leases in the past 6 years.

Honda will allow you two extensions, up to a max of 12mos. They collect the tax upfront, even if your taxes were rolled into your lease payment.

So you can call them and say you want to extend for 3mos, pay the extra taxes, and make 3mos of payments and then call again and say you want to extend for another 9mos and its fine.

Just consider how much extension you need and factor in the extra taxes.

Thanks so much. It ends currently at the end of Oct. Can I call them at the beginning of Oct or do I need to do it further in advance?

I think you can extend twice for six months as mentioned but you can keep it only two months and then return it. Just make sure you notify them and get the inspection done in time. Also be aware that your warranty might be up so keep that in mind. When I extended my Honda in the past I ended up having to pay for a new battery which ended up dying during my extension period which was out of warranty

Yes, you can call the Honda financial services and get the lease extended up to 12 months. You can return the anytime before the 12 months extended period (doing month-to-month payment) without any extra fees. Just make sure you get it inspected(at least 3-4 weeks) before you plan to return it.

It was way back in 2005, but I extended it for a year, in 3 month chunks. Which was a dumb thing to do in hindsight as I was paying a new car lease price driving a 4 year old car. But you live and learn.