Extending existing lease past termination

Hey folks, I’ve pushed a VW lease 2 months before, it didn’t seem to be an issue with them to keep rolling it for a few more. With my Mercedes it was a struggle to get them to agree even 1 month (even though sales people lied and said 3 months is ok any more needs to be on a case by case and subject to getting another MBZ)

I have a Volvo return coming up, I’m pretty sure I can do 2 months, but would really like 4+ mths.

I actually really do want another vehicle from Volvo but current leases are over priced, but I reckon they will be better soon. Also, I have no need of changing really and could do with keeping the current car a bit longer.

Any tactics that I can utilize to get a longer over run period?

I don’t see why any company wouldn’t be happy to lease you the same 3 year old car at the same rate for any amount of time. Was your price just insanely low or what?

I extended twice - one time for 6 month. But it was long time ago.


I was wrong assuming you can get more than 3 months - just checked from my account and now it only shows 3 months max.

I just extended one of my leases on Monday. Have a Santa Fe Sport and Hyundai had no issues going month-to-month for up to 6 months. Made it really easy to hold onto the Santa Fe Sport until the G80 Sport arrives in a month or two.

Really depends on the car company. I had extended my Rav 4 lease 6 months and I just extended my civic lease 12 months. Mind you I’m only paying $99 /month cuz I had equity in my trade when I got the lease. Thought they would factor that out, but apparently they don’t care. Just another reason I’ll be sticking with Honda leases.

One method I have in my tool box is to order a car that is extremely back ordered or hard to get. That way you get put on the list and the finance company backs off and gives you more months to wait out your order. Every lease company has its limits however so you may only get extensions of 1 - 6 months max.

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It depends on lessor. If it is the finance arm of the car company then ok for lease extension but if it us bank or third party, fuggedaboutit.

Thank you Ursus, didn’t know I could do it via online account - will check it out!

If it’s 3 months max then at least I know now instead of calling up every month to push it out, and asking for “permission”

Someone asked about my deal - it was pretty darn good. I probably could have pinched another $5- mth out of it but I was tired and indifferent on going any further with negotiations. I’d like to put all that off as long as possible.

I’d also call them and ask if they can do more than 3 months. Just in case if you need it.

I believe that the regulation governing leasing limits lease extensions to no more than 6 months but lenders are not required to offer them.

I don’t believe many lenders are very sophisticated regarding using data in the decision to allow/deny an extension.

If you somehow end up in a very cheap lease through incentives and/or if you put a lot down to drop the cap cost (not through MSDs) then the depreciation component of your payment each month will be very small. Once you extend past the original termination date, you are still paying the lender only a small amount of depreciation while the auction market will often be experiencing higher depreciation each week. In this case, the lender should want to pull you out ASAP and not allow for an extension because if they do, they are setting themselves for a bigger loss when you turn your car in and they have to sell it at auction.

Case in point, I saw several horrible lease contracts at the captive I worked for where smart consumers did a 24mo 10k lease and prepaid all but $100-500 of the difference between the agreed upon price and the RV. Their monthly payments were very small and included nearly zero depreciation. They requested extensions for 6 months and ended up with a 30mo lease with the last 6 months being almost free. Normally GAP coverage won’t cover the high down payments these consumers put down to essentially prepay the depreciation. But, I have heard that there are some insurance companies out there who will write GAP policies to cover this.

I am not sure if that captive has plugged the holes in their extension decision process but I would imagine many lenders have a similar policy where they grant extensions to anyone who asks for one.


That might actually happen on the v90s

My 2014 Cadillac ats lease matures in 2 months, based on a 36 month lease. My payment is so low ($287), and I’m 6k under miles I want to keep it as long as possible. Called US Bank and without additional authorization I can extend the lease by 2 months. I was told I can extend another 4 months beyond that, but it would take ‘managers approval’, and they would also want to know why.

On another note, during the same call, I was asked if I considered purchasing the vehicle. I said ‘not at the buyout terms on the lease’. I was offered $16500 as a buyout over the phone, which was way less than the contract shows.

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