Extended warranty


So I can’t find any decent lease deals found a used 750i for a good deal but the warranty ended a couple months ago on it and I got a quote from bmw for 4500 for 2 years.any 3rd party company’s you guys recommend with going that would be cheaper thanks.

I would go with the BMW option (if it isn’t a 3rd party warranty being sold through the dealer, which it very well might be). Alternatively, the vehicle seems fairly new and is just falling out of warranty so I would consider self insuring as no issues may crop up during that 2 year window.

I had third-party coverage on a previous vehicle, purchased from PenFed (the entire process was horrific and took weeks to complete, as PenFed is inept at absolutely everything they do).


I checked with my regular service advisor at the dealer before I bought this, and was told that customers (at least the ones who understand that oil changes and dental x-rays aren’t covered) are generally happy with it and the dealership never had problems getting claims paid.

Speaking of claims, I never had any, so I ended up getting back about half of the $1,500 when I sold the car.

That may sound like a good outcome, but it really means that I spent $750 in exchange for absolutely nothing, which is how these products work.

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