Extended maintenance plan on BMW CPO M4, worth it?

I recently got a 2016 CPO M4 from local dealer (2 years warranty remaining) and bought extended maintenance plan for 2 years cost $2400. The original price for the plan was more than $4000, and I tried really hard to cut it to $2400. There is also a one year plan cost $1300. Now questions I have:

  1. The car has 30k miles on it, and the brake pad left for front and rear are all near 6-7mm. How long will them last and how much will it cost to replace them? The FM told me brake replacement will be covered by the extended maintenance plan. Will they refuse to replace brake if the sensor never alarm before the two years plan expired?
  2. I understand maintenance of M cars are expensive, but the FM told me it can easily costs 3k-5k to replace the brake. Is it true? Are there any other significant cost?
  3. I am planning to sell it in 3 years (5k-10k miles drive yearly), thought dealership maintenance record may help to keep resale value?

I got the car yesterday. Hopefully I can cancel it if it is a waste of money. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Try calling the service dept at the dealership and ask how much brakes are. The dealers always exaggerate the services prices when trying to sell the plan.

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Don’t forget that if wear is premature sometimes MFG will kick in some goodwill cash on a repair even if out of warranty. My LS FSport went through this repeatedly in and out of warranty and I swear my SA had corporate on speed dial to get me sorted.

No manufacturer will give goodwill cash on a 3-4 year old sports car that is not owned by the original owner for a brake job.

But to answer some of OP’s questions, a brake job will cost over $2k if you are doing pads and rotors. Since your M4 will probably have 40k-50k miles, you will want new rotors if they have not been replaced already. As long as you do not baby your M4, I will guess the pads will be around 3-4mm within 2 years and will need to be replaced. As for reselling, having service records from a dealer or a well known/respected shop will help. If you were to look at two CarFax reports and one had maintenance records from a dealer and the other was from Pep Boys, which would you pay more for?

But you will probably get some better answers on the M3/M4 forums on Bimmerpost regarding the long term maintenance/care for preowned cars since this is a forum for leasing new cars.

Lexus has, actually. This is why I mentioned this…

Lexus repeatedly replaced brake pads and/or rotors on your LS?

Yes. Brembos however were widely noted as problem children.

I still stand by my point that OP should not expect goodwill money for brake pads on a M4 that is not known for having problems with the brakes and will need to be replaced due to normal wear.

Every car is different, OP may have bought a Friday car for all we know. Manufacturer generally will stand by their product rather than get roasted in public and private.