Exotic cars: lease vs finance

Hello hackrs!

What is the recommended way to go about buying exotic car?
In particular, I am talking about cars in ~$200,000 MSRP range (think Audi R8 V10 Plus/McLaren 570S)

Is it better to finance slightly used or lease brand new?
Does anyone have a lease figure examples for the above vehicles?

Appreciate the response!

Depends on how long you plan on keeping it.

My clients who go for exotics are constantly flipping them whether it be a lease or financing, they’re usually able to break even or make profit.

Most recently had a client sell his aventador, cost him $27k for the 1.5 years he kept it, including the interest.

Also my opinion: If youre stuck between 570 vs R8 V10. Go for the 570, large discounts to be had there, its faster, and the doors go up!

Definitely determine how long you want to keep it and figure that most exotic leases are 5k miles a year or lower. Buying new you’ll get hosed in depreciation.

Sorry maybe I’m dense but you’re saying this client effectively paid $900 a month for an Aventador?

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Haha, yup.

Technically his payments were around 4,000/mo, but between the time the he bought it and sold it the market didnt change a crazy amount.

Exotics are tricky and fun, you can get one drive it around and flip for roughly the same amount you got it for. Just have to be smart with which one you go with.

Dumb example, a R8 will depreciate, however a gt3 rs will hold its value decently (event though they’ve dipped recently a little) Also depends on luck…

I do not plan on keeping the car for really long, maybe 2-3 years)
I really want to get 570S although I don’t have a dealership in my city (closest one is like 5-6 hours away, and McLaren is known for its electronic issues), so I am still debating between the two
Also, do you have any example numbers for high end leases like these?
I am sure getting used is a way to go (I can get slightly used 570S for $160,000) thus leasing is not possible (is it?)
Also, I am pretty sure I will need to do a large down payment since I don’t have two years of self-employment tax returns and my W-2 income is not that high at all, so that also leads me to financing (putting downpayment on the lease is never a good idea)

If you want to buy/sell exotics without ending up having to live in one, just analyze which car you are purchasing and what it’s resale value will look like in the following year or two. Try and steer away from “mass produced” supercars (Audi R8 for example) that will always depreciate regardless of the year made or the miles driven. Obviously certain Ferraris are one of the best examples of exotics that hold their value when purchased new, but you’ll have a harder time finding one of these compared to an Audi R8.

You can also adapt to the “rapper mentality” and just not care how much money you blow on a supercar.

  1. You can lease used exotics

  2. Obviously depending on spec, but saw a brand new high 190’s-200k 570 go for 175-180k.
    160k is about average for a used one. A east coast dealer has one with 5k miles for 150k.

  3. Yes you’ll need a good amount due at signing unfortunately.

Valid points here. To be quite honest, I would rather have McLaren, it’s just the distance to the closest dealership which scares me.

And no “rapper mentality” here… I am on LeaseHackr after all… saving them dollars to afford a toy :slight_smile:

Ok, this is the biggest laugh I have had in years… Very nice… Save them dollars, buy a Mclaren

Thank you for the info you provided :slight_smile:
Also, what do you think of open-end vs close-end lease?
Which on is better in this case?

And that was obviously a joke :slight_smile:

That is why I laughed so hard. Very funny joke… and quite subtle too

Personally speaking, id lean closer to the open-end 60 month leases, and flip it around the 24 month mark. Interest is a little higher on open-ended leases.

Also look into your states tax credits/tax law that can make big differences as well.

As far as the dealer being far from you, I know alot of exotic car dealers offer pick and drop for servicing your vehicle, as in they will come pick up your car, and drop it off. Ive seen them do it for clients 4 hours away.

I have seen some very reasonable ultra low
mileage leases advertised on mclaren philadelphia website. Definitely check that out.

If you get lucky and don’t run into huge repair bills it costs next to nothing to own a f360/f430 or a gallardo. As long as you take care of the car and don’t put a ton of miles on.

This would be a deal-breaker for me. Even if the dealer offered pickup/dropoff service (which I doubt for 5-6 hours away) it’s too much of a time sink waiting around for a tow truck to show up each time you need service. And then there’s the possibility of it being damaged.

This is the route I would take…even a 355 or 458 depending on whether you like the classics or moderns more. Find one that’s been taken care of, regardless of the miles (in fact a car that’s been regularly driven is a better bet than a garage/storage queen).

Or a GT3 RS like @ralphsaphony suggested.

355 needs the engine out service whis is a pain I would stay away from those. I think the regular gt3 with the recent price reductions in the market is the best value. As much as I love the gt3 and it is the best car in that price range for perfomance I still feel like it lacks the exotic factor. It is my stupid opinion but unless you are talking gt or 918 I don’t see porchches as exotics.

I’m with @tritus91 on this one. Even though I love GT3 RS, it does lack ‘exotic’ factor for me and look a little bit too boring.
Surprisingly enough, you can get low mileage 458 for ~$160,000, which seems like a good deal.

I would say go with a 458 they’re holding their value, and will probably stay around this mark for a little.

Otherwise the new gen R8 V10 Plus, baby huracans, for 150k, and theyre reliable so far.