Exhaust Mod on a lease return

Hey guys,

Did a mid muffler delete on a challenger R/T lease. I knew it was going to give me a concern upon lease return. Having said that, I DO NOT regret it!

Anyway, I have 2 months left… what should I do? Not sure if anyone has any experiences with this. Lender is CCAP. Thoughts are to just weld them back on. I tried to search through the forums before I posted but couldn’t find anything.


You can probably just clamp the originals back on if the job was done even halfway cleanly.

Thanks for the response, I figured as much I just wanted to confirm. Ive had thoughts of just chancing it but with my luck somewhere down the line before auction someone would take notice and send me a bill for replacing the entire exhaust system. Because that’s how they roll.

I bet your neighbors can’t wait until you turn it back in


If they see you roll up in a Lexus ES next you will (be able to) hear a sigh of relief.


HA! First thing my new neighbor said was “My wife hates your car. And I said well at least it sounds good”.

But seriously I do leave for work around 5AM, so yeah I’m winning the worlds worst neighbor award for sure. I should probably get them a bottle of wine …


A muffler delete never sounds good, only loud.


5:00 AM??? What do you do???

I live in NJ and work in manhattan hahaha. The metropolitan grind… glutton for punishment I guess.

Don’t you take the PATH? or train? Why are you spending so much just on the toll?


Cause OPs car sounds good :saxophone:


Mid muffler delete is necessary on the hellcat, gives it some more throat.

Absolutely sounds better, same for the 392.

Depends on the car really, muffler delete on a civic is no no, on a v8 though sometimes the muffler has quite a bit of note and volume restriction.

@Okan_Shield unless they look under your car you should be ok, mine passed with a mid muffler delete… ended up selling it tho.

Worse come worse you should have kept the stock mufflers, go back to the shop and have them put the stock mufflers back on.

I get them reimbursed lmao… guess I can’t complain too much

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Opinions on a muffler delete on an m5 comp? Was debating that vs resonator delete. Just don’t want the ricer drone sound

Just have them welded back in or clamped. Hopefully you had a good job done. Been there done that.

My neighbors used to love me. I had a 15 mustang GT with headers and straight pipes with no mufflers.

I went to work at 3:30am.


Depending on what you want to accomplish my thoughts would be.

More noise = mufflers
More power/more tone = resonators

Catless downpipes would be at the top of my list along with a res delete/muffler delete

But then again I’m in my mid 20s, really depends on how much noise you can stomach.

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Oh damn! You’re making me feel like a saint hahaha

It’ll probably sound the droniest with a muffler delete right?

Sounds great for awhile… then when you go on long highway drives… :man_facepalming: :joy:

Can’t agree with this enough. Yet it’s the main mod people do to their 911s apparently. Shark weeks is making a killing on the muffler delete.