Executive BMW Demo

Are executive demo cars eligible for new car financing incentives ?

I am looking to purchase a 2017 X5 demo with 5K miles. What are current incentives for the same ?

Also is 18% off msrp a good bargain ?

Thanks in advance!!

Yes they’re eligible but extra mileage penalty to residual above 5k miles

-4% + $0.25 per mile penalty to residual if over 5k miles and under 7.5k miles

Does the 4% hit still occur if it’s under 5k miles? I see a few dealerships with a bunch of demo/loaner i3 cars under 2k mi.

Seems like OP is interested in purchasing/financing and not leasing, so RV penalty isn’t relevant.

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That’s right. I will not be leasing this one.

No, the big 4% hit isn’t applied to any vehicle under 5,000 miles. However, RV is still reduced by $.25 per mile for each mile over 500 on the odometer. I don’t have any specifics on where the cutoff is or how much they’re reimbursed but I did have 1 dealership say they could not reduce the price on one of their loaners due to it having too few miles on it and not getting the loaner payment from BMW. It had about 3,000 miles, so I’m not sure how they’re reimbursed from BMW for loaner/demo vehicles.