Exceeded the allowable miles

Hello Hackrer,
Hopefully all are well. I am at the end of my lease program with VW. Unfortunately, I drove the car 30,000 miles over the limit.

Please advise me on my options.
Thanks in advance for your time.

What’s the residual value? You’re looking at 6,000 @.20 per mile and 7500@ .25 cents/mile. Might be better to purchase it now.

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I don’t know what magic bullets people expect to find here.


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Buy the car.

You drove it, you pay it. No other option really.

If you drove 30K miles over, you should not be leasing.
Get ready to pay, it will be a costly lesson.

Kinda curious on the residuals.

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If he/she negotiated a good sales price, buying it post lease isnt a huge financial penalty. You are paying for 100% of the car over the course of lease + loan term. A challenge in these types of situation can be getting financing. If the car is worth way less than buyout, banks are gonna talk at that loan.

I mean you don’t all of a sudden wake up one morning and find yourself 30k miles in the whole. Why wait until the end to figure out what to do? You have no good options left, either you have to pay miles or buy the car. If you continue to drive this much you might as well buy it and keep driving it.

Drive it off a cliff and report it stolen. Put it in an abandoned field, toss a molotoff cocktail at it, again report it stolen. Park in bad neighborhood, leave windows down, doors unlocked, with keys in ignition, preferably with car running, again reporting stolen.


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I am always surprised when one of these pop up.

You do realize that a lease, at it’s most basic level, is just a per mile car rental?

Your options are, see if the vendor allows you to add more miles to the deal before expiration, at a lower price, or pay the full rate at the end and turn in. You can also buy it out I suppose. All options will require more money out of pocket.

If your work / life situation changes after you get a lease, and you will have to drive more, that is unfortunate.

If you told yourself a story so you could lease the car you wanted, even though you knew you would go over miles, that is just dumb.

Best of luck

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Please advise residual, model, year, miles on car.

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I’m not sure he can even buy this car out for reasonable amount. From his previous post, it appears he has poor credit. He’d have to come up with a descent chunk of cash.

Instead of paying the mileage penalty or buying the car, you could get the payoff and see if the cost to get out is less than paying the penalty either by selling it yourself or to Carmax, Carvana, or a dealer. For example, let’s say the payoff is $20K (the mileage is irrelevant), the penalty is $6,000, but you could sell it yourself for $16K, you’d only lose $4K instead of the $6K penalty plus excess wear and tear.


If they’d ever post the details…

For knowledge reasons:

Ally’s extended “total lease protection” allows for up to $400 in mileage over the allotted miles.

American Express used to have a Mercedes Benz labeled Platinum card that would allow for 2000 miles over the allotted miles (it is no longer available).

My advise 2 or 3 months ago, would have been to try and lease another car prior to your turn in, but even then you were probably significantly over the mileage. Buy it out if you can afford it (hopefully you like it enough). It’s kind of your only option, paying for 30k miles in excess mileage doesnt seem to reasonable.