Evaluation please - 2019 Durango R/T

First off, wanted to thank the community. Found this site a week ago and am extremely grateful for all the information here.

Currently have a Durango G/T valued at $26,500, have $29,000 left on it (I’ll be -2.5K on a trade)

Went into the dealership tonight to talk numbers and mine seem way off. I know Durango’s don’t lease well but could someone tell me if I’m missing something?

MSRP: $55,350
Selling Price: $49,894
Rebate: $1,500
Gov Fee: $919
Brake Plus: $399 (equipment they specially offer on all vehicles)
Gross Cap Cost: $54,757
Trade Allowance: $26,500 (owe $29,000)
Cap Cost Reduction: $486.14
Adjusted Cap Cost: $54,271

24/15 (Residual 58% MF .00047): $964 monthly
36/15 (Residual 49% MF .0005) : $871 monthly

And those are both with $0 down

This is also before my $500 Military rebate. Also live in Washington State (98499)

I’m not sure exactly what I’m not seeing but something in my gut says that it’s a really crappy deal. I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you!

First, thank you for your service. Can you sell to Vroom, Carvana etc for more money to avoid the neg equity? I really believe in trying to avoid “combining” trades with leases unless there’s some tax issues etc like in TX. Shop your current car as a separate deal for the most $ you can get. On the Durango front I know they’re expensive and based on other posts on here the RT specifically is leasing very poorly. I do see some decent deals on the SXT. Are you set on the Durango RT? At 650/700 per month (about where you would be on this deal without the neg equity) there a lot of options.

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For some baseline #s on Durango’s leasing fairly well.

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Do you have a compelling reason for dropping an extra $2,500 to get out of a Durango so you can get into another Durango?

Honest question.

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the “crappy” part of this deal is that residual lol, and your negative equity isn’t helping either.

As far as discount and stuff looks it’s a solid deal, you could probably get a little more off of sales price but not too much more.

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I super appreciate your guys answers!

Ended up going to Vroom and Carvana and getting nearly 5K more than what the dealership was offering me.

Then turned to a broker on here and am about to get into my first lease. Thanks again!!

Also, for the whole getting out of the Durango thing, I was looking at upgrading to the R/T due to 1. Increased HP and 2. Increased options (leather seats, safety features, audio system, etc). Had a tire shop tell me last week that I would need to replace all 4 tires (can’t replace just 1 since it’s AWD) and would cost about $1200. That was the final push for me to get rid of the GT and move to the next one