Evaluate this Volvo XC90 deal

XC90 T6 momentum with advanced package + heated steering wheels + 20 inch wheels + bunch of add-ons

MSRP: 62,400
Purchase price: 52,750 (with 1750 Volvo rebate); don’t qualify for A-plan / loyalty.
Sales price for lease: 54,500 (1750 Volvo rebate won’t apply for lease)
39months/10k lease -
MF: 0.00158, RV: 0.59
Monthly figure (before tax): 641 (without MSDs)
DAS: 1081 (with first month)

Check if there is lease allowance for your zip code. But 12.66% without any incentives is very strong as is, if true. MF is .00159, I believe. I’d wait, anyway.