EV9 or other EV? Jeep 4xe lease ending in April 2025

Hello all I am just searching for a future lease -
My 2022 Jeep 4xe is ending in about 14 months or so.
My payments are $525 on it and the Residual is 38,808.90. I’m super under mileage. I think I’m at 10k on the odo and roughly 22 months in. This is a 36 month lease

I was very interested in the EV9 or another family style EV SUV / truck.

I know options are slim basically the EV9 R1S/T or the lighting.

I’m comfortable at my payments but i have a strong feeling what i have isn’t going to happen again.

I wonder if buying my jeep at the end to sell would net me any profit.

It won’t, but you have quite a while before worrying about any of this.


14 months may be a good time to check on ev9 deals.


I’d like to yes. Ev9 around the same price would be killer

Omega has a Q4 etron for under 500

Way too early to discuss the next lease. Which car(s) will be great values then is a complete unknown

This is true. I just like to plan ahead
Or even find a better lease that fits the family and sell my current / trade in and move on

Not going to happen without coming significantly out of pocket

You are significantly underwater on the 4xe now. Probably $5K at least considering still have 14 payment left, especially if this is a base 4xe.

Not worth it for leasing. Incentives change every month, car thats a deal this month may not be next month and vice versa. Eqb comes to mind, significant difference between jan and feb

I appreciate the advice. I guess I’m planning ahead a bit too early lol

  • it’s a rubicon 4xE

I did get an email from rivian on their lease going for a little over $600 a month. Not much more than I’m currently in right now.

With how many thousands due at signing?

$7,454 DUE AT SIGNING. Cash due at signing includes $6,000 capitalized cost reduction (includes $1,000 deposit), $559 first monthly payment, $895 acquisition fee, and $0 security deposit. Tax, title, license, registration, and lessor documentation fees are additional fees due at signing. Not all customers will qualify for security deposit waiver. Offer includes upfront capitalized cost reduction of $7,500 provided by the lessor. End of lease charges include: excess vehicle wear, 30 cents per mile for excess mileage, and $495 disposition fee. Lease offer is only available in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MA, MI, MO, NJ, NY, NV, PA, TX, WA.

Not clear if this includes the 7500 tax credit or not

So basically $10k due at signing or so after taxes and fees, making this basically a $1000/mo lease

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Seems like it does

No one is advertising a deal where an extra $7,500 appears on the table just by saying a few magic words.

Maybe a used Model X is in my future then.

Bummer on the EV9. They’re nice but not 1k a month nice.

Check the insurance for tesla first before committing to get one :wink:

I would lease and then immediately buy out a brand new EV9 over buying a used X.

Just wait until your lease is up, by then EV9 deals will be better or some other large SUV EV will be out. Doesn’t make sense to chase the next deal with so much time and mileage left on your current lease, it’s a vicious scale that just leads to sunken cash.