EV sales reach 0.5% in 2017

I thought that the forum may be interested…

Only 0.1 percent of the new vehicles sold in America in 2012 were pure EVs. That figure has risen, very slowly, to 0.5 percent through the first eight months of 2017 while the number of available nameplates has more than doubled.

Perspective? Ford grew its F-Series’ share of the overall U.S. new vehicle market from 4.5 percent to 5.1 percent during the same period.


5 fold growth. impressive. this is going to accelerate in the next few years.:+1:

The rate of growth has slowed down though.

2012 to 2013 it grew by 210%
2013 to 2014 it grew by 22.6%
2014 to 2015 it grew by 8.5%
2015 to 2016 it grew by 17%
2016 to 2017 it grew by 12.5%

With gas at $2.50, there’s not a lot of demand for EVs. Maybe in CA to get the status approval and the HOV access. Everywhere else…not so much.

Now if gas goes to $4 or $5…all bets are off.

Even more impressive - Tesla produced 30 cars in July, 100 in August, 100 a day in September and by December will be producing 100 an hour. That is growth …

Toyota’s CEO on EVs from earelier this week: I agree with his analysis. It will happen, but it’s gonna take a long time. I think we’re talking decades before EVs go to 25%+.

“I must say up front that we’re not against electric vehicles. But in order for electric vehicles to cover long distances, they currently need to be loaded with a lot of batteries that take a considerable amount of time to charge. There’s also the issue of battery life,” he said.

“But as laws and regulations (that encourage the development of electric vehicles) come into effect in places like China and the U.S., car makers will have no choice but to roll out electric vehicles or risk going out of business,” he said. “Toyota is no exception, but we’re skeptical there would be a rapid shift to pure electric vehicles, given questions over user convenience.”

I’m hoping sub-$2.50/gallon gas prices will lead to nice (non-Tesla) EV/PHEV lease deals.

With the new Nissan Leaf specifically impacting Bolt and hopefully Volt (what I want) leases.