EV/PHEV tax credit lessee

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What Mfg passes EV/PHEV tax credit to lessee besides Jeep? Will Jeep do this for the GC 4XE?

There is no ‘master list’ of OEs
Many do, and many don’t. (or pass in RV or MF)

Wrangler 4xe is currently as an incentive, but no guarantee on the GC.

It’s also not always based on just the brand. Sometimes it varies by model.

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Have to figure if this holds that the GC 4xe also applies. At least through 12/31… assuming they ever ship one of these.

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My next line did sorta state that. Jeep to Jeep you know.

This question appears to misunderstand how leases work for EVs.

An EV leasing well is only very loosely correlated with federal tax credits being “passed through.”

The Nissan Leaf is the best EV lease deal in March 2022. There is no $7,500 rebate on the paperwork.

2 years ago the Bolt was super cheap even though GM’s credit was $0.

The question relates to which mfgs/models offer lessees the benefit of tax credits, incentives, or otherwise. No need to quibble over the exact verbiage. The intent is pretty clear.

Then let’s be clear.

On a lease, there is no tax credit. Period.

The bank receives the credit and they keep it.

They may choose to incentive their leases in someway or another. That could be in the form of an incentive that is applied as a cap cost reduction. That may be an inflated residual value. That may be subvened mf. May be some combination of the above or none of the above.

When we talk about leases where the the tax credit is given, all we are really looking at is the specific case where a lessor passes on an itemized incentive applied as a cap cost reduction. That doesn’t mean that if that isn’t there, nothing is being passed on.

Ultimately, what we really care about is the deal itself. Having an itemize cap cost reduction doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good value, and not having one doesn’t mean it isn’t.


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