EV negotiating advice

Working with a few Hyundai places right now for an Ioniq. What is the go to response to when a dealership says we can’t go any lower on the sales price, “even at MSRP we are losing money on EVs”. Right now my only retort is, well other dealerships are doing it.

“Bullshit” followed by
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:grinning: That’s essentially how I left it. Curious on the reality of the situation, how much money do dealerships actually make on EVs.

It’s irrelevant. They either will make a deal you presented or come up with an excuse why they can’t.
They are a lot of variable goes into dealership “making money” on the car between front end rebates, backend rebates, finance rebates… you won’t know true picture and it should not matter.

Present the deal and either they will take or won’t.


A lot ! Remember dealerships are not the ones who built the car. Manufacturers are the ones who built them so they take the loss.

So next time you hear this, you can tell em to go bit** out at your manufacturer later but right now, lets sit and make a deal.

(That was a virtual sit, never step in actually please)


If they can’t meet your target monthly, then move on.
Just curious, what model are you looking to snag and what are you expectations on a deal?

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Just move on, no need to burn bridge unless they are really rude.

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Looking for Ioniq 6 SEL in Texas, 2y/12k lease. I got one to give me the tax credit (which helps a lot in Texas) but trying to get one to go ~3k under MSRP. Target payment isn’t all that big of deal for me, I just don’t like leaving money on the table.

But don’t the dealerships buy the car from the manufacturer?

That’s the biggest Texas sized longhorn BS lie I ever heard, lol. Are they forced to buy those cars? It’s their problem if their overhead is crazy or they cannot figure out their financials. Tell them to learn to cut the losses before they get out of control and put them out of business (deservingly so).

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I’m trying to negotiate for a limited, the best I got so far was 594 a month for a Ioniq 5 Limited, with 3k down, I got them to offer a SEL for 350 a month with 3k down, but I read I could get them down to 299 if I could player harder. I wish I had more data for Texas IONIQs, I feel like we’re missing out on some great deals

Stop asking them for offers

This is the equivalent of people saying I can’t sell under $X because that’s what I owe on it. Yeah bro, what you owe is irrelevant to what the car’s worth.

Doesn’t matter if you lose money Mr. Dealer, the car’s value is what it is. If you won’t sell it for that amount, someone else will.


One of the SM email I got telling me that they usually don’t need to discount as agressive as my offer. I should have replied, yeah, maybe that’s the reason you still have 5 2023 EQE on your lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definition of usually is under normal conditions.
These are not normal conditions for the EV market.

Look outside your state and send out what you’re willing to pay. Don’t wait for them to give you a shitty offer.

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Is the idea that I can import the vehicle back into the state and pay taxes?

yes. dealer can ship the car or you can fly/drive there and pick it up, if the money makes sense…

they don’t seem to care.
i called one yesterday with an eqs sitting on their lot for 366 days and they say they can’t discount beyond 9%…