EV Lease Specials

I’m looking to lease an electric vehicle in the Bay Area. Does anyone know where to look for deals or may have one to share? Thanks!

I just bought a 2015 i3, after looking for a while that was the best option. Bmw San Rafael had some others there as well.

The current leader among plug-in leases is Chevrolet Spark EV.

2016 Spark EV 1LT
36/10K: 42% residual, .00040 MF
$9,850 GM Financial lease cash

Ends up being about $135/month (including tax) and $1,300 total due at signing (including license, registration, upfront taxes, etc.) for a 36 month lease.

The $2,500 California mail-in rebate should help cover almost the entire first year.

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Is this special applies to all GM dealerships in CA?

Thx for the info. Any current good deals on EVs (or plug in hybrids) that seat 5? Spark only seats 4.

I’d check 2015 Focus Electric. There’s $12,750 in lease incentives. An average net cost below $100/month should be doable after $2,500 California mail-in rebate.

I’ve got a 2014 Focus Electric myself; paid $500 drive-off and $289/month, or an average cost of about $220/month after CA rebate. Got in June 2014 when deals weren’t as good.

How much is the down payment and do you know which dealerships are doing this?

Here’s the lease program for 2015 Focus Electric in California:

36-month, 10,500 miles/year
Residual: 40%
APR: 0.25%
Incentives: $9,750 RCL Customer Cash + $3,000 Bonus Customer Cash

A selling price of $28,045 on a $30,045 car takes you to $102/month and approximately $2,340 drive-off, assuming 9% sales tax.

A discount of $2,000 off MSRP should be doable from the internet departments of most Ford dealers that have Focus Electrics in stock. Here’s an example… $88/month + tax, with $1,888 due at signing + registration/upfront taxes (figure another $1,600):

Here’s the lease calculator to adjust your own inputs: http://leasehackr.com/calculator/

Looks like you can also combine the Conquest Lease & Student/Graduate Cash with this as well to add another $1,000 off. Can probably get anywhere between $2000-$2500 off MSRP for somewhere between about $15,700-$16,200 off MSRP after negotiation and all applicable incentives.

Do you know if there’s any acquisition fee involved in this as well?


I’ve also the seen a few deals on the Fiat 500.

Lots of folks saying you can get a base Volt at Capitol in SJ for about $185/mo with $1500 drive off which includes first months payment (CA will send you a check for $1500 later). No guarantees that you’ll get a green HOV sticker but there’s lot of talk about making the green stickers unlimited. The good news is this is the last weekend of the month

Thought there were no green HOV stickers left in California. Makes the Volt and other plug-ins much less attractive.

It’s capped at 85000 stickers, but there’s a queue in case it opens up again

“Cali mulls unlimited PHEV stickers”