Etron brothers, please evaluate and vote for next Audi/porsche electric hack

If you had to sell your etron and get one of the below, which one? Calculator numbers below …

  • Audi A8Le
  • Porsche Taycan

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Numbers from @leasecompanion

Oof… this is harder than I thought. My first instinct is Taycan all the way but then I looked at the calculators…

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If I had to get one it would be the Porsche. I went to the Porsche roadshow a few weeks ago and test drove it around the track. This was right after I tried the 911.

Meh brakes are like marshmallows compared to the 911.

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Wait… is the Audi a full electric? Or plug in hybrid? That would change the tax situation, no? Or are you just doing this exclusive of taxes?

Try the calc for a Texas resident…

Plug-in hybrid looks like

For a Jersey resident this would be a different conversation because the Taycan wouldn’t get charged tax but the Audi would. So you would have to add about 100 a month in taxes to that payment. If money wasn’t an issue (which at these payment numbers it shouldn’t be) I would probably go for the Porsche just because it’s going to be more fun.


This is a little more nuanced than you are presenting. A 93K Porsche Taycan is pretty much bare bones. By the time you add wheels that don’t look like pep boys hubcaps, and the premium package, you are close to 100k, making the payment close to $1200 vs the $771 Audi. NJ taxes aside, you are comparing an A8e AND a LT1 to a Taycan.

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Yep completely different cars. You are comparing arguably best looking sedan overall including ICE cars (Taycan) with incredible handling and 5.3 m Luxury barge, which is cool when somebody drives and you chill on backseat.

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taycan MF marked up.


After soul searching and wallet gazing, I decided to go with the Audi.(771 per months vs 1k per month).
As people pointed out - The 90K Taycan is the BMW320i of Taycans whereas at A8L is nicely optioned. Let’s see how the numbers shakeout…
Thanks everybody for helping me crowd-source the next hack(?)

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Looks like only 5 A8e in the entire country.


So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Small chance, yes!

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Do you think you could do a similar deal for the A8e even now? I don’t mind waiting.

Likely not.

What would you say the approximate numbers would be with 0 down? 36/10

Not sure as we are doing orders only and programs will change.

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Not to mention Audi/VW is taking it in the can worse than the other Germans due to parts sourcing.