💥 EthanRS West Coast Buying Center! We Pay More Than Carvana + Vroom + Shift!


Hello LH!

Our stores are rapidly expanding (yay) but we are selling used cars at a faster rate than we can get them in. I saw someone on the east coast make a thread similar to this so I thought I would give it a shot.

We are a Chevrolet / Kia franchise in San Diego County, CA but can arrange for nationwide pickup.

We will pay well over Carvana + Shift + Vroom for the right vehicles.

Feel free to text 949.922.3550, or PM the following information for a buy-bid.

  • Full VIN number
  • Exact odometer
  • Current Payoff (if applicable)
  • Images outlining vehicle condition (tire wear, dings, dents, etc)
  • Any special packages / options
  • A screenshot of the highest bid you’ve received
  • Registration details
  • Where the vehicle is located

*We generally do well with vehicles over a year old with a minimum 8,000 miles

Not interested in the following :frowning_face:

Any BMW 2018 or Newer
Any Mercedes 2019 or Newer
Any Audi 2019 or Newer
Any Range Rover Velar
Any Jaguar
Any Infiniti
Any Volvo

What we go crazy for :star_struck:

TRUCKS! - All years and mileage
Chevy + Kia - All years and mileage
Domestics - All years and mileage
Japanese - All years and mileage
BMW / Mercedes / Audi / VW - 2017 or older
Porsche - All years and mileage
Exotics - All years and mileage


I have a 2018 Kia Niro that I’m looking to get rid of once I find a good lease! I’ll definitely be in touch!

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Sounds great! We do well with those so we can definitely give you a strong bid when the time comes!

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This bouta blow up too :joy:


That’s what we want! I’m generally really responsive so hoping we can get everyone some strong bids and I get some nice inventory. :+1:

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Nice glad to see this offered on the West. Just sold a CX5 GS to Shift this weekend, and the family member I was assisting has a 2nd car they want to unload. Once I get offers from the big 3, I will reach out.

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Sounds great!

I have a A3 etron lease that is coming up. I just sent you a PM.


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Do you require a new car lease/purchase in exchange for these cars?

No, we will do outright purchases.

Darn, a buddy of mine just literally sold his old 5-series after I closed a deal for him on a new Beamer Friday. I know he’s got another car. I’ll see if he wants to sell it :slight_smile:

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Are you interested in East Coast cars? Im in NY

Depends on the vehicle. PM me make and model and I’ll let you know.

Pm sent :slight_smile:

Quick turn around on the reply from Ethan (less than 10 mins). Definitely reach out if you are interested.

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Texted you re: Mazda. Thanks!

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A heads up to everyone I’m off the next two days but will do my best to get everyone a bid on their vehicles. :+1:

As requested