Equinox 24 month lease Cincinnati area

Ok. trying to work a 24 month 24k mile lease on a equinox in Cincinnati area. I am a current chevy lease holder, farm bureau member and Costco member. Have talked to 2 dealers reached out to a third. Cannot get close to the numbers people are posting. Dealers are not budging off of msrp. Some won’t even show the numbers. Had to question one multiple times about all of the incentives. I then got a oh yea we do have some of those $750 certificates laying around we could use. But still far away. Looking at LT with MSRP around 31k. Best so far is 234 with 699 down. Any suggestions ?

Yes here’s a good suggestion. Post in the existing threads instead of making a new one to clutter everything up

Thanks for the help. Tell me how to delete it and I will