EQE or EQS which one do you prefer?

2024 EQE 350 $2,500 down $1134 for 36 mths 15k miles a year. MSRP $93,715 with $19k off for qualified customers.

This pricing is a joke. You will need to adjust your expectations if you want to do well here.


Wait What Wtf GIF by TLC Europe


My AMG EQE was half of that monthly payment…

1134 for a 350? Not gonna get any traction here.

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Are you based in North Carolina? These feel like North Carolina prices



Well if you are interested in one let me know, and what we need to do.

Check out the prices competitive marketplace vendors are offering. Some suggestions on presenting your deals:

  1. If it’s not competitive against other vendors in your region, then you won’t get traction.

  2. Nobody here wants any money down, only 0 down. Structure your leases into monthly payment + DAS, so like this format: “$850/month + taxes/fees, fleet + loyalty included” or something. $94k for an EQE350 seems pretty well optioned. It might not be the best price for buyers, but if it’s easy to read and you provide good service, you’ll get customers willing to pay a little more.

  3. But not that much more. I understand dealers have restrictions on what they can publicly share, you can mention a sample deal and tell people to contact you for the “best” pricing for them. I pay significantly less than that for the EQS580 SUV and most people here have even better deals than me.

I have a feeling you were posting previously under a different name… if you want to make your business work here, spend some time reading through Marketplace, learn the deals/sales environment right now, if you put in a bit of effort reading and learning, you will earn customers. Don’t dig up old threads just to let people know to check your site, follow existing etiquette.


Thank you for the information.

You might want to change your username to Luxury4More… this deal is terrible. My EQS AMG, EQE AMG, and a 450 isn’t this much combined lol


Anyone looking to lease an EQ?

2023 eqe350 2wd what do u have