Engine replaced during the last month of the lease


Actually, until their debut of the 4xe, the Wrangler has been my favorite and most dependable car. I’m currently in the process of a buyback/lemon on my latest wrangler sahara 4xe. The two previous Wranglers gave me no problems (184,000 miles on the first one; purchased for $24K sold for $16k 7 years later). However, the 4xe is crap. I’ve had my gas tank replaced at least twice, the charging system and batteries have been replaced after replacing it pursuant to a recall, there is constant noise coming from the rear door, the entertainment system is absolutely useless, the car randomly accelerates (dealer told me to get new tires), the arms holding the rear glass broke, the car stopped on me twice forcing me to determine where to put the kids, the dog, while waiting for tow service. The dealership rolls their eyes at me everytime I show up. As a matter of fact, all electric cars are crap, drove a few to determine what car to get next, theyre all trash - especially the porsche trashcan