End of the Quarter

Tomorrow is the end of the month and end of the quarter. Is June 30 a good day to lease? Looking for AWD/4WD SUV in NJ

Many dealer’s quarter-end runs through July 4th. Many of them extend their fiscal quarter to accommodate large holiday sales. Not all, but many do…

You’ll have to inquire about that with the dealer.

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The end of the quarter is going to be a better day than most, as dealers are trying to hit their targets. But that would depend on how close a particular dealer is to their targets. If they have already hit them, there’s no incentive to give you a great deal. As always, you’ll have to shop around.

Why give a good deal when they expect many shoppers to come through their doors. You have to really hussle in my opinion.

That’s very true, sometime they don’t even pick up the phone. Last year I did it a week before the major holiday, got my deal, and enjoy the holiday at home relaxing.

Does anyone know when Fords quarter ends? Salesguy is telling me tomorrow.

You know every manufacturer has a different end of quarter date this month, which is very rare. MB is Saturday, Volvo Monday, Infiniti Saturday, GM monday.

Yep, it’s somewhat a free for all. It’s strange because GAAP allows some flexibility here, but it shouldn’t be willy-nilly.

yeaa agree with some of you guys, big sales events do not guarantee lease hackr worthy deals for us. I went into BMW store last month with my numbers lol, they kicked me out, when the sales were over, the called me after a week to get me into the store again, but the damage was already done :slight_smile: .

It’s interesting that many Ford incentives continue through July 9.

Completely agree. I like to deal during the slower days. Easier to finalize. I was shopping for SUV, I don’t think I will get it during this weekend now, unless something unexpected shows up. Will wait 1-2 weeks to get on it again.

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Ok everyone I’m going to tell you the secret for the best deal, it’s when they have the hoods up with the SALE sign in place, if there’s balloons too, then just pull in immediately and buy the first car you see.


Does anyone know if dealerships have to sell like a minimum number of vehicles a month/quarter? I am always curious how small dealerships survive. When I reach out to smaller dealership its either… they can never come close to a decent deal or sometimes they don’t even respond as once they realize you aren’t the sucker they need they feel like its not worth the time/effort.

Dealers are gonna be packed last weekend of the month or quarter or year whatever it is. So if they sense, you are being too picky and know a lot, they wont waste there time on you and will actually give u numbers to run backwards out the door. Unless, the dealer is isolated in the middle of nowhere kind with zombie slow traffic which doesnt happen in major metropolis. Most dealers would rather loose one client like us cause they kmow other 2 walking in will be there easy prey.

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That works at bars too, especially close to closing time :joy:


Well too late now but yes, end of quarter is the best time to buy/lease as everybody in sales has quotas and needs to meet their numbers to get a big bonus. But if you missed this one no worries as Q3 & Q4 are even bigger. Dealers start to massively discount last year’s models for these quarters and need to meet year-end numbers.